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  When Europe already bothered, and the popular resorts of Turkey and rounds to Greece are traveled all over repeatedly, it is  time to go to the exotic countries. On our site you will find all the information about these exotic countries, which is essential for the journey: general information, climate, currency, cuisine, shopping, attractions. You just have to make your choice! Have a nice trip!

The exotic countries — it is real paradise for fans to travel. Exotic rounds — incomparable on power of impressions of travel. Absolutely new and unfamiliar culture, other rhythm of the life, unusual holidays, bright paints — all this allows to expand the knowledge of the world and to receive unforgettable impressions of a trip.

"Exotic" in a translation from Greek means "overseas". And time overseas, means, freakish and unusual. Therefore exotic rest, at least, should surprise. That it also does incessantly. Fiji, Bali, French Polynesia, Seychelles, Cuba, Vietnam, GOA, Mauritius, Oman, Jamaica, Aruba, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Brazil, Dominican republic, Maldives — names of the countries sound as exotic music, rhythmical, drawing, attracting. Rounds to the exotic countries bewitch beauty unusual to our eye of the nature, intricate monuments of an antiquity, fantastic architectural constructions. Travel to the exotic country — rest not only entertaining, but extremely "intellectual": rounds in the world of "exotic" acquaint with ancient national customs and traditions of each state, its history and culture. Reviews of trips on the exotic countries are read as compelling adventure novels: continually tourists are trapped by miracles — volcanoes and falls, mountain caves and mysterious underwater treasures, meetings with the most rare representatives of flora and fauna. And certainly, rounds in the most part of the exotic countries — it, first of all, beach rest on the marvelous coast under the hot sun among paradise a jackpot of unusual vegetation. Comfortable hotels, the SPA procedure and the inexpressible feeling of pleasure — as to learn happiness of absolute rest is possible, having only escaped from the habitual world in new, other, unlike, exotic.

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